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Pro: This outfit looks comfy! Oxblood is totally Spencer's color.

Con: Remember that song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"? Yeah, well, this is the sweater version.


Pro: The studded belt is a thoughtful addition to this tough, military-style vest and gives Aria a nice shape.

Con: The ensemble feels a bit phoned-in—and we'd like to see a pop of color somewhere.


Pro: At least Em added some color to her usually boring wardrobe! Red is a good look for her.

Con: I feel like this outfit lacks texture. Maybe some dark printed pants or some cool jewelry could help mix it up.


Pro: Adore the cat shirt and the combination of the black and pink leather jacket with gray pants. It's girly, but with an edge.

Con: A simple black clutch would look sleeker with this look.


And, drumroll....Hanna is our winner this week!