Our Editors Reveal Their Favorite Heel Type

This week's office debate went back to one of our favorite subjects—shoes. With designers pushing the single sole pump right now, a few platform-loving editors decided to speak up. Some like the extra height, others the comfort. Of course, plenty of our staffers are on Team Single Sole, too. Click through to see where everybody's footwear loyalties lie.

"While I'm fully aware of the fact that every designer EVER is pushing the single sole pump right now, there's absolutely no denying that a little platform makes a shoe about a million times more comfortable. To avoid looking like a Jersey Shore extra—and also to avoid that Attack of the 50 Foot Woman effect (I'm 5'10, so pretty much any heel pushes me over the 6' mark)—I look for pairs with just a slight platform, just about half an inch high. Or better yet, a hidden platform!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor