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"Platform shoes scare me; I always feel as if I am going to fall over. I love single sole shoes—they are feminine, chic and always in style." - Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator
"While I'm fully aware of the fact that every designer EVER is pushing the single sole pump right now, there's absolutely no denying that a little platform makes a shoe about a million times more comfortable. To avoid looking like a Jersey Shore extra—and also to avoid that Attack of the 50 Foot Woman effect (I'm 5'10, so pretty much any heel pushes me over the 6' mark)—I look for pairs with just a slight platform, just about half an inch high. Or better yet, a hidden platform!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"I will be honest. I like platforms for an unfortunately practical reason. I have thick calves and I find a gigantic-looking shoe makes my lower leg look smaller." - Laura Morgan, Special Projects Director
"As much as I love the extra height that a platform provides (you just can't do a 6" heel with no platform, in my opinion) the more ladylike silhouette of a single sole pump will always have my heart. A single sole pump goes everywhere but even a hidden platform secretly wants you to hit the club." - Hanna Howard, Fashion Credits Assistant
"Who wants to clomp around like a Clydesdale horse? I'd rather have a graceful gait like a sleek Thoroughbred." - Joane Amay, Senior Fashion Credits Editor
"The Real Housewives/Millionaire Matchmakers have ruined platforms for me. Right now, all I want is full European babysitter chic: K. Jacques sandals!! Utterly obsessed." - Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director