Spice Up Your Life—And Wardrobe!—With Looks Inspired by Our Favorite '90s Girl Group

Remember 1997's wonderfully bizarre Spice World, the flick in which our favorite girl band took on London in a decked-out double-decker tour bus? Surely you must. They were in combat training. They delivered a baby. They met a few extraterrestrials. And, of course, they did plenty of singing and dancing while they were at it.

Spice World was more than a movie: it was a big-screen event. It was a girl-power-promoting, mega-entertaining '90s cinematic milestone—at least for those of us who were still in grade school at the time. Face it: whether we favored Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary or Ginger, we all wanted to be a Spice Girl. And few of us have ever truly managed to closet our infatuation—so instead, let's closet the look, shall we?

Color to the world! Spice up your life!

Pictured: the girls who would unwittingly launch Jeffrey Campbell's career, all donning their signature looks. When you're feeling sad and low, dressing like the Spice Girls is the way to go. Click through for our inspired suggestions.

Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection