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Pictured: the girls who would unwittingly launch Jeffrey Campbell's career, all donning their signature looks. When you're feeling sad and low, dressing like the Spice Girls is the way to go. Click through for our inspired suggestions.
Channel our homegirls Victoria, Mel B., Mel C., Geri and Emma in these stage-ready ensembles. Attitude sold separately.
"They're hot, Chief! They've got fire in their eyes, hunger in their bellies...and great big shoes on their feet!" - Clifford
Baby Spice

"In my bed, I've got two teddies, I've got a rabbit, I've got two dollies, and one Susan, she's got a bad eye, and then I've got a green giraffe which I won at a fair." - Baby Spice

Baby is all sweet. Throw a lollipop in your mouth, five-inch platforms on your feet, and you're good to go.

Scary Spice
The time for belly-baring and wild prints has arrived. Scared, are you? That means you're definitely doing it right.
Sporty Spice
Sporty was all about comfort and arm bands. As for her high ("ci ya, hold tight!") kicks, you're on your own.
Ginger Spice
Arguably the sexiest Spice, Ginger knew what was up when it came to cleavage and go-go boots. We say go-go for it.
Posh Spice

"It must be so hard for you, Victoria. I mean, having to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or...the little Gucci dress!" - Sporty Spice

Victoria's made it easy for us to dress just like her—by launching her own ultra-luxe line. Don't forget the strappy stilettos! They're a '90s Posh requisite.