22 Pieces of Absurdly Good Statement Jewelry

For a wedding this past weekend, I wore a dress with flower-shaped laser cut-outs running from my thigh to the tea-length hem. It was awesome—except in the waist-up pictures that kept popping up on Instagram. In those, I just looked like I was wearing a nothing-special dress with teeny stud earrings. (And you can't exactly leave "the hem was really cool, I SWEAR" in the comments. Womp womp.)

Maybe that's part of why so many other girls there stuck to the formula of simple cocktail dress + statement jewelry instead. I mean, yes, it's an easy, common combo, but it's also kind of smart to keep the focus on the torso and above when you know you're taking lots of close-up pictures or going to a crowded party. In those cases, cool hems and even fabulous shoes can go unnoticed, but not glamorous chandelier earrings or hold-the-phone bib necklaces. People always notice those—which should be all the more justification to invest in another standout piece of jewelry, right? Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings: the ones below are each absurdly good and memorable, and none cost over $300. Click through to shop them all.

Glamorous in a fun, I-don't-take-myself-too-seriously way.

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