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Glamorous in a fun, I-don't-take-myself-too-seriously way.
Gotta love that they come in a set, so you can nail the artfully mismatched look without any effort at all.
Those muted tones would look so good against browns, khakis and other neutrals.
Make like a Bond girl and wear it with a low-cut black gown.
Super-wide and asymmetrical, so it's a cut above the average gold cuff.
Pair it with bold black and white stripes for a kitschy, high fashion look.
Simple, classic materials + a bold shape. The best of both worlds.
The red stone's a little unexpected, which is why we like it.
Appeals to both the suburban mom and the four-year-old within me. It's ladylike and fun and awesome.
From a few feet away, they just look like basic chandeliers. Close up, though, they've got a sense of humor that we love.
Just needs a drapey, Grecian-style dress.
Wear them with a printed chiffon dress.
Lucite just makes everything cooler.
When you're not sure what to add to a brightly-colored but simple cocktail dress, add these.
When you want a statement necklace but not a bib or a neon one. This one's dramatic, too, but classic.
Boho maxi dresses, especially white ones, would look so good with this.
Super-lightweight because they're made from fabric, so they're ideal for girls who want a dramatic, three-inch drop earring that won't pull on their lobes all night.
It'll add a bit of Deco, Gatsby-era flair.
For when you want that glamorous, Old Hollywood look.
A girly, full-skirted dress would make an ideal match.
Use it as a cool contrast against a red or orange dress.
We'd love it against something striped for a bit of pattern-mixing action.