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Audrey Hepburn: The Preppy Summer Look
She looked great in furs and wool dresses, but she totally embraced warm-weather acccessories and fabrics, too. Road-trip-ready headscarf and pants that match the picnic blanket: can't get much more summery than that. Click through to shop the look.
Kate Moss: The Dramatic Summer Look
Kate Moss knows the secret to creating a head-turning look when it's 85 degrees out: you can't exactly pile on the layers to look cool and glamorous, so add a big, bold accessory instead, like a floppy hat. Click through to shop the look.
Bo Derek: The Exotic Beach Look
Boys in the 1980s considered this poster a totally hot pin-up, but we'd consider it ideal beach makeup inspiration. There's something about slightly smudgey eyeliner that just looks even better against sunkissed skin, like something a rock star's girlfriend would wear for a night out in St. Barts. Click through to shop the look.
Brigitte Bardot: The Just-Stepped-Off-a-Yacht Look
She always had a "I just came from a boat" thing going on, whether it was a casual nautical striped shirt or a formal dress that had all the ease and laid-back-ness of a beach cover-up. Click through to shop the look.
Kate Bosworth: The Festival-Ready Look
She's an ace at the whole festival dressing thing, always looking cool in way that's free-spirited, never contrived. (The secret's to pick a couple of standout, fun pieces—a fringed bag, a neon sandal—and then keep the rest classic.) Click through to shop the look.
Marilyn Monroe: The Pin-Up Beach Look
Not that she needed it, but Marilyn totally knew how to flatter her figure: high-waisted bikinis are super-slimming and ruffles create the illusion of curves. Click through to shop the look.
Rachel Zoe: The Bohemian Summer Look
Gotta love the ease of the look: slip into a caftan, toss on some glamorous gold jewelry and go. Click through to shop the look.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: The Polished Summer Look
When it's too hot to think, it's easy to get lazy with your outfit. But not Jackie. She always looked professional, crisp and luncheon-ready, thanks to little shifts, buckle flats and those iconic sunglasses. Click through to shop the look.