Jackie, Audrey, Brigitte and More: Nail Their Signature Summer Styles

I was watching some commercial for a department store the other day, and when the girl in it called a pair of shorts "the ideal summer style," I had a bit of a "Huh?" moment. Like, ideal summer style for who? I'm pretty sure "summer style" means concert-ready studded cutoffs for one girl and Nantucket red bermuda shorts for the next. Really, summer style's not about one look but several—preppy, bohemian, trend-trying—so when I think of it, I think of a handful of things—and more often, people.

Usually it's a celebrity or movie character that really embodied a certain look, like Brigitte Bardot in her glamorous caftans. She always seemed like she was either just coming from a yacht or about to board one, so she's brilliant inspiration when I'm heading to the beach but I want to look fancy. But she's not my only touchstone for "what do I wear?" summer mornings: below, eight of my most favorite warm-weather style inspirations who happen to all be very different, too. Whatever your idea of "summer style" is, it's in there, in its most ideal, quintessential form. (And so are pieces you can shop to nail each look, because what fun would it be without that?)

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