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Swap your full-length wellies for rain booties.
Knee-high galoshes not only seem awkwardly heavy next to summer fabrics, but also cause a great deal of sweating (ventilation is not rubber's strong suit). It's better to get a waterproof Chelsea bootie instead, which looks (and feels!) seasonally appropriate even after the storm stops on a whim. (As warm weather storms are wont to do.)
Wear waterproof sandals if the forecast is unclear.
When the weatherman tells you to prepare for sheet-like downpours, singing-bird-filled blue skies and anything that might happen in between—again—reach for sandals made of plastic or rubber. Since they don't look like rain gear, you'll won't need to change if the storm doesn't happen.
Never wear pants during downpours.
Now that it's actually warm enough to deal with rain bare-legged, take full advantage! After all, few things are more annoying than wearing pants with a soggy, mud-crusted hem all day.
Carry a lightweight anorak.
It's good to have a waterproof jacket on hand during those steamy, hot storms, if only to just throw it over your shoulders as a shield from the dampness. I especially love how the utilitarian feel of this Penfield one offsets a gauzy floral dress.
Leave your leather bag at home.
This is really important for two reasons: 1. Leather bags are expensive, so you don't want to risk water damage on yours, and 2. A big roomy canvas tote is ideal for stashing all the stuff you might need for only part of the day, like an umbrella or thin jacket.