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When Thompson shops for her everyday wardrobe, she skips department stores in favor of places with more character. "I mostly shop vintage," says Thompson. "There's a woman downtown who has a store in LA and a store in NY—it's called Shareen Vintage—and she's wild. She's really funny and just loves vintage clothes. She pulls stuff and I'll go shop with her. I'll go to the Salvation Army, particularly if I'm working in a place in the middle of the country. They're the best. I went vintage shopping in Detroit and it was astounding. Just the coolest, coolest stuff."
On a recent trip to New York, the actress had a fashion emergency that made her stumble into Zara. "I’ve never really thought of Zara. It’s not where I ordinarily shop, but I think probably in the last two months I’ve found three pieces there that I was totally surprised by."
For the most part, Thompson has always been in charge of her own look. "As a kid, my parents let me dress myself," she says. But now that she's on television, she's had to turn to a stylist every once in awhile. "If you have parents that want to allow you to be creative, they don't say ‘You’re going to leave the house like that?’ No one ever told me that as a kid, so now I stop myself and say, 'I can’t go out of the house like this!' I think that’s what’s cool about working with a stylist, which has been something that I don’t do all the time just because I love getting dressed. But it is nice to have someone to work with—another set of eyes."
One of Thompson's favorite beauty looks is "undone but done" and although she was raised on both coasts, she calls herself "such a California girl." Her go-to hair product for a beachy look? Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. "It kind of goes as far as a product can go in recreating that chunky, wavy fantastic-ness that happens to your hair after a swim," says Thompson.
"I just was at Sephora recently so I bought the new Yves Saint Laurent highlighter," says Thompson. "They came out with a bunch of new colors so I bought a really golden one. On my skin tone it’s really, really pretty and I’m having a lot of fun with it on my cheekbones and eyes."