What to Wear to a City Wedding, Whether it's at a Gallery or a Garden

Over the last few weeks, we've given you wardrobe advice for all kinds of faraway destination weddings: weddings on the beach, weddings in Paris, Tuscan weddings! But here in our office, many of us have ceremonies to attend right here in New York, and each one seems to require a different kind of outfit. Below I've included four of the most common city wedding scenarios we've encountered, along with an appropriate look for each. Click through the slideshow below for my picks and advice now.

Art Gallery Wedding

So you've just been invited to a wedding at a gallery—get excited! You now have permission to dress as daring and bold as you see fit—as long as you still look appropriate, of course. Feel free to experiment with crazy prints, bright colors and interesting silhouettes; if you wear glasses, skip contacts. If you don't wear glasses, you could always fake it!