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Rooftop Wedding
Much to the dismay of every guest in attendance, almost every rooftop wedding has least one moment when a big breeze sweeps through. Up fly the skirts of the ill-prepared and, well, wedding-goers often witness more than they bargained for. Save yourself the worry with a dress long enough to resist the wind, but don't fear a little drape! It will look amazing fluttering against the air.

City Hall Wedding
City hall nuptials might be frills-free affairs, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look festive. Trade your cocktail dress for something simpler, like a pencil skirt, and have fun with accessories.
Garden/Park Wedding
If there's ever an appropriate time to show up in flower print, it's at a garden wedding. Still, to avoid blending into the background (it makes for terrible photos!), pick something that's graphic and bold enough to stand out.
Art Gallery Wedding
So you've just been invited to a wedding at a gallery—get excited! You now have permission to dress as daring and bold as you see fit—as long as you still look appropriate, of course. Feel free to experiment with crazy prints, bright colors and interesting silhouettes; if you wear glasses, skip contacts. If you don't wear glasses, you could always fake it!