Seven Wedding Gift Ideas For the Couple Who Has Everything

So you know a couple with a tricked-out, freshly-patented-kitchen-gadget-filled home, complete with an imported Swedish couch and a petrified wood sculpture that's way cooler than anything you'll ever own, that just got engaged. You're totally happy for them, and even more excited for the wedding, because two people with such great taste are guaranteed to throw one hell of a party. Still, there's also a part of you that's kind of dreading the whole thing because, like, what are you going to give them that they don't already own?!

When a standard silver picture frame or cutlery set just won't work, you've got to look for personalized presents and/or frivolities that even people who own a stainless steel bagel cutter, towel warmer and Egyptian cotton ropes wouldn't buy for themselves. For my seven tips on finding something with a little extra, well, something, click through the gallery below.

Find a coffee table book dedicated to something they both enjoy.

How big or expensive the book is doesn't matter much; what's more important is that it pertains to the ethos of the couple in question. If they takes biannual visits to France, maybe look for something on the Normandy countryside; if they have a Twitter account for their shared Jack Russell terrier, a collection of dog photos would be good (bonus points if it's the same breed).