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Find a coffee table book dedicated to something they both enjoy.
How big or expensive the book is doesn't matter much; what's more important is that it pertains to the ethos of the couple in question. If they takes biannual visits to France, maybe look for something on the Normandy countryside; if they have a Twitter account for their shared Jack Russell terrier, a collection of dog photos would be good (bonus points if it's the same breed).
Monogram something that isn't usually monogrammed.
Chances are your spend-happy friends already have some of the standard stuff monogrammed—napkins, towels, totes—so something surprising, like soap, prove you put some thought into your gifting.
Go vintage or handmade.
If want to ensure that your gift is 100 percent one-of-a-kind, dig around on sites like Etsy or eBay for antique or artisanal homegoods.
Give them a date.
Movies are things that people love to go to, but haaaate paying for, so extra tickets are always good. But also, you might want to consider something a little more specific to what's available in your hometown, like a cooking class or dancing lesson.
Sign them up for an of-the-month club.
Although sending a basket of food is a terrible idea, both impersonal and inconvenient (you're handing off a bunch of perishables right before they fly off on a honeymoon: not cool), a monthly delivery of their favorite treat (you don't have to go fruit; there's everything from wine to coffee to bacon out there) has the opposite effect. I mean, wouldn't you enjoy getting a free snack replenishment every 30 days?
Look for the fanciest version of something ordinary.
The key here is to make sure the ordinary thing happens to be something they use all the time already, otherwise the gesture doesn't make sense. For instance, a poker set worthy of Donald Trump's man cave would work for any couple that regularly hosts casino night.
Personalize some stationery.
Even if they haven't decided to share a last name, it's a nice way to commemorate their new official Mr. and Mrs. (or Mr. and Mr./Mrs. and Mrs.!!!) status; it'll also come in handy for all those post-wedding thank-you notes they'll be writing.