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Bold boho-ish accessories are fine, especially for any beach weddings in exotic locales; just balance them out with a shorter, more fitted dress (a long caftan will feel like overkill). And flat sandals are a must—unless you have verbal confirmation that you won't be walking on sand, never wear any kind of heel to a beach wedding! Slowly sinking as you step never looks chic, no matter how awesome your shoes are.
Imagine the coolest girl in attendance, the one who's taken time off from her sexy I've-only-heard-about-that-in-movies kind of job and flown in from some major city for the ceremony. This is what she would wear, no?
What a difference one color can make! In black, especially with stilettos and diamonds, this would be dressy enough for the most lavish of galas—but ice blue is less buttoned-up. Really, the beauty of this look is its refreshing simplicity, so understated shoes and a handbag are important; make-up should be limited to bold red lipstick.
If you cannot survive an event without extra height, this delicate wedge is the way to go—it provides a flattering boost without bogging you down in the sand. Also, a high-low skirt is ideal because of the style's adorable gold bow studded T-strap—shows off the feet!
This one is about as formal as you can go without looking out of place. The key to getting away with so many jewels on the beach is to make them chunky ones; also, you need to balance all those bold accessories with an effortlessly draped dress.