Five Easy and Extraordinary Outfits For Your Next Beach Wedding

Because beach weddings don't have the same exacting dress code guidelines as, say, a black- or white-tie affair, planning a look for one can be hard. For starters, since any one of these seaside events takes place mostly, if not entirely, outside—and often somewhere hot, tropical and paradise-y—it inherently calls for a more casual ensemble. Still, you can't wear something so casual that it looks like you're on vacation rather than celebrating a momentous occasion in a friend or family member's life. Whereas short sundresses don't work, most any long skirt-ed sihouette does; a pair of flat sandals is okay, but it still has to seem fancy. It's a tricky balance to strike.

Of course, if you're invited to any sun- and sand-filled ceremonies this season, there's always the play-it-safe option of a semi-formal maxi dress and embellished flip-flops (ugh, although, YOU GUYS: you know how I feel about flip-flops!); that's how most people navigate the ambiguous dress code. But why bother with that when you've got the five following outfits? Click through the slideshow below to never look boring (but still occasion-appropriate) at a beach wedding again.

If you cannot survive an event without extra height, this delicate wedge is the way to go—it provides a flattering boost without bogging you down in the sand. Also, a high-low skirt is ideal because of the style's adorable gold bow studded T-strap—shows off the feet!