Why Bra Size Matters When You're Shopping for a Bikini


Aerie’s Bridget bikini works for size 32A-38DD. The push-up lends perkiness without too much padding—key for the D-DD girls.


The Lucille from Cleo by Panache will make small-busted women jealous, since it’s made for sizes D and up. The band size starts at 30, so whether you’ve got a small or average frame, your bust is covered (and supported, too).

Freya’s tankini with built-in cups is available in sizes up to GG. Great support with great style for large-busted women. You will never need to wear a bra under your swimsuit again!

Did you know Marlies Dekkers did swim? Their Zebra Rock Balcony Bikini gives you the shape and structure Marlies bras are known for.


Whether you are an AA or G cup, the best way to shop for swimwear is to take your bra size into account. If you want to have the sexiest, best-fitting bikini, this is the way to go. If you haven’t been fitted recently for a new bra, go to your nearest bra professional or get a measuring tape and fit yourself. It takes only a minute!

Today, swim brands are producing beautiful suits sized by band and cup size to ensure the best possible support and fit. When it comes to searching for something with such a specific fit, forget about generic sizing rules; shop by your bra size instead!