How to Dress Like an Editor at Poise Magazine

It's no secret that movies about magazines are a far cry from reality (we're looking at you, Devil Wears Prada) but they're still some of our favorites. If we had to choose one movie mag to work at, we'd have to choose Poise from 13 Going on 30. Why? First of all, the offices are really nice—can't forget that. Secondly, after Jenna Rink's redesign plan, we wanted to run out and pick up a copy for ourselves. Lastly, Jenna's apartment and closet are pretty much every New Yorker's dream. We may not be able to work at Poise, read it or steal her fake apartment, but at least we can dress like her. Click through to shop three of our favorite looks from 13 Going on 30.

"Love is a battlefield."

Columbia/Courtesy Everett Collection