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This bright and sunny piece shouts, "I don't need an alarm clock to wake up at 6AM."
Minimalism at its best.
The dress that will push all the right buttons...
How many maxi-dress lengths is it to the moon and back?
Pink just got pinker.
If we doodled our dream casual maxi, it still wouldn't touch this illustration print dress.
Its sort of like a favorite t-shirt, but then better in every way.
We're seriously digging the side slit.
In this knockout, you may find yourself walking with Christina Hendricks' hip-y sway. Go with it!
Red birds without the creepy Hitchcock vibe. Who can argue that?
Your real cat Fluffy will be envious of the attention, yes, but it will be worth it.
Your style may float freely, but this dress will keep you anchored.
Bypass the awkward line of a tucked-in shirt with this dress.
A dress that's worth its weight in gold.
We'd usually just show you the front. But the back is soooo worth it.
Love the way the v-neck mirrors the split in this dress.
Inspired by peach cobbler? Yummy.
This dress already looks like an optical illusion in picture- just imagine it in motion! Strut!
Top off this look with coral lipstick and minimal accessories.
Cinderella's maxi dress.
Take the funnies for a walk in this comic piece.
The dramatic high-low cut takes this dress from floral to fierce.
Pink —not just for Wednesdays.
Jessica Rabbit's dress before labor day?
Super sultry.
You don't need to play the accordion to wear accordion pleats. But if you do play the accordion, that's really cool too.
Cleopatra would be proud.
No bandaids necessary for these cool cuts!
A dress like this deserves a good statement necklace and sandals.