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Jill Milan
Jill Fraser and her partner Milan Lazich had no luck finding the perfect vegan handbag, so they created their own. Designed with the everyday modern woman in mind, Jill Milan bags are both on-trend and animal-friendly. Added bonus: the company donates a portion of every sale to organizations that rehabilitate racehorses.
Leni Penn
This is a bag that goes the distance (seriously—our Special Projects Director, Laura Morgan, toted it to the beach on vacation for 14 days straight). Not only is it big enough to stuff with children's clothing changes, PB&J sandwiches, sunscreen, iPads, spare shoes and more, but it's super easy to clean. Simply wipe down the non-leather surface with a damp cloth and voila—it's back to its perfect, spotless state. Plus, for every handbag sold, a backpack or purse is donated to a child or mother in need.
Melie Bianco
This brand's focus is affordability, but style and quality are never spared in the process. Every animal- and eco-friendly bag is made with the finest materials and is tested for durability—meaning you'll be toting that Melie bag for many years to come.
Matt & Nat
What do you get when you combine material and nature? Matt & Natt. This company is inspired by all things natural, and is cruelty-free in every way. The brand also supports environmentally friendly living, recycling everything from plastic bottles to bike tires. After you buy one of these versatile handbags, you'll be recycling, too—by wearing it all day, every day, that is.
Stella McCartney
Vegan is not just another passing trend for this high-end designer. McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian, and her collections never include fur or leather. She also co-founded Meat Free Monday, an organization that creates awareness around the greenhouse gas emissions created by meat production. At her Spring 2014 presentation, Stella even showcased ASPCA rescue puppies (allof whom were eligible for adoption!) alongside her latest wares.