Five Vegan Handbag Brands You Should Scoop Up ASAP

No leather, no fur, no problem! Get ready to shed those granola-and-Greenpeace connotations, because there are plenty of cruelty-free accessories brands on the market today. While some are staunchly committed to using non-animal-sourced materials in their collections, others have teamed up with key charities in an attempt to give back even more.

Earn yourself some stylish karma points by shopping some of the cute (and cruelty-free!) bags below.

Leni Penn

This is a bag that goes the distance (seriously—our Special Projects Director, Laura Morgan, toted it to the beach on vacation for 14 days straight). Not only is it big enough to stuff with children's clothing changes, PB&J sandwiches, sunscreen, iPads, spare shoes and more, but it's super easy to clean. Simply wipe down the non-leather surface with a damp cloth and voila—it's back to its perfect, spotless state. Plus, for every handbag sold, a backpack or purse is donated to a child or mother in need.