WATCH: Amanda Seyfried Loves Her Dog More Than Balmain

Digital Writer

If Amanda Seyfried's appearance on Late Night With David Letterman yesterday evening convinced me of anything, it's that the actress must love her Australian Shepherd, Finn, more than anything in the world. Not because she spent most of the interview talking about how talented he is rather than promoting her upcoming film, Lovelace. Or because she specially requested a hamburger on set for her canine companion. It wasn't because she called him onstage to perform a trick live, either. No, it has to be the moment when Finn put his paws all over the star's pastel Balmain outfit that I was truly convinced of her unwavering devotion. She didn't even check for stains after he calmed down! (Thankfully there weren't any.)

To see the star put her designer dress in danger, watch the clip below; then, shop five similar options in the above slideshow. (Wear each one around dogs at your own risk.)