10 Fine-Art Inspired Dresses To Turn Any Closet Into A Museum

Alexander McQueen's 1999 Spring/Summer runway show concluded with a bang when a model wearing a voluminous white, pleated dress strutted down the catwalk only to be surrounded and attacked by paint-splattering robots. When it was all over, the model was a bit frazzled, but the no-longer-white dress looked better than ever! It was a beautiful, raw and fantastic interpretation of the relationship between art and fashion.

Hostile, paint-splattering robots aside, fashion is art. And in an ever so slightly more literal homage to McQueen's vision, I've paired ten of history's greatest works of art with dresses that look like they might have leapt out of the frame.

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Vincent Van Gogh - Cafe Terrace At Night, 1888

Painting outside this cafe in the dark, Van Gogh was subject to no shortage of strange looks from passersby. But in this dress, you'll get all the right looks.