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Vincent Van Gogh - Cafe Terrace At Night, 1888
Painting outside this cafe in the dark, Van Gogh was subject to no shortage of strange looks from passersby. But in this dress, you'll get all the right looks.
Claude Monet - Woman with a Parasol, 1875
Monet loved painting outdoors. This dress is perfect for a stroll in the park. A cute green parasol isn't such a bad idea either!
Henri Matisse - The Red Turban, 1907
The subject of this painting is Amelie Matisse, wife of the artist and obvious 19th-century fashionista.
Gustav Klimt - Adele Block - Bauer I, 1907
We kind of wish Austrian painter Gustav Klimt had been a fashion designer too. He really knew how to dress a woman.
Edouard Manet - A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, 1881
Manet's bartender looks a bit bored, but her dress looks a bit beautiful.
Wassily Kandinsky - Composition VII, 1913
Kandinsky's work is often a whirlwind of exciting colors, and so is this dress!
Grant Wood - American Gothic, 1930
Austerity meets awesome.
Egon Schiele - Fräulein Beer, 1914
Excuse me, floating woman, where'd you get your dress?
Edgar Degas - Dancer Tilting, 1883
Degas's ballerina subjects channeled poise and grace—and great tulle skirts.
Marc Chagall - Stained Glass Window Mosaic
Chagall could take powerful colors and make calming artwork. This dress has the same bold yet relaxed vibe.