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With a silk blouse or a chunky fisherman sweater, this skirt's all you really need to a make an outfit interesting.
No need to feel guilty buying this wonderfully unnecessary pastel bag.
Something about white sandals just feels fresher and sleeker than super-common brown or black ones.
Everyone needs a pair of costume earrings to travel with and wear on crowded dance floors. They'll make your cocktail dress more fun, but it won't be a life-ender if you lose one.
With a plain silk blouse for the office, then print-mixed with a striped tee for drinks.
Costs about the same as a thrift store find and looks just as legit, except it's new and clean and yours.
Perfectly drapey and pretty, so you can throw it on with jeans and basic pumps and still look fancy enough for dinner.
Try out the baseball cap trend without spending more than you would on a cocktail. No commitment, just fun.
That high neck makes it feel more fashion-y.
Blends prim floral fabric with a flirty, body-skimming silhouette for a dress you can wear everywhere from a baby shower to a date night.
One of those tops you'll end up defaulting to weekend after weekend.