13 Of Our Favorite Fashion Blogs From Around the World

The Girl Can Shoot, Australia

We may or may not be obsessed with this girl and her street style shots. She wanders the streets of Sydney and always manages to find something a little off, but totally right. Let's just say she lives up to the name. Girl can totally shoot.

We've shared our favorite bloggers from L.A., D.C. and San Francisco, but with summer in full swing, we're feeling a trip beyond the borders of the USA. As such, we've prepared a list of our favorite bloggers from all over the world. Because let's face it, fashion is a universal language. Of course, there are those massive global sensations that everybody knows: Susie Bubble, Chiara Ferragni, BryanBoy, Carolina Engman, etc., but we want to shine the light on a few of our favorite "up-and-comers," if you will.