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The Girl Can Shoot, Australia
We may or may not be obsessed with this girl and her street style shots. She wanders the streets of Sydney and always manages to find something a little off, but totally right. Let's just say she lives up to the name. Girl can totally shoot.
Fashion Notebook, Kenya
We love Nancie Mwai's The Fashion Notebook and pretty much want to wear everything she owns. We also love how she gives us a glimpse into a world that's at LEAST a plane ride and a half away.
Universe and You, Japan
We came to the site for Ellen's style, but stayed for her killer beauty tips and completely doable DIYs.
Fashion Coolture, Brazil
Imagine the lovechild of rock 'n' roll, glamour, sequins and Brazil. That's basically what you get when you check out Fashion Coolture.
Kastor & Pollux, Canada
Seriously, this is probably one of our favorite blogs of all time. It's so trippy, so fashion-y and so Canada. We're obsessed. Hat tip to their obvious mastery of Photoshop.
The Street Muse, Italy
Some people claim they're "so over the street style thing." We are not those people, and we love the colorful cast of characters that find their way to The Street Muse. It's the perfect blend of your favorite style stars and, you know, regular people.
Camille Tries to Blog, The Philippines
Camille doesn't try to blog. She blogs like a fiend, she's a blogging fiend. Her photos are beautiful and, duh, she has amazing shoes.
Lee Oliveira, Australia
Lately, whenever we need style inspo, we've been turning to Italian street style photographer Lee Oliveira. Inevitably, we always end up wanting to wear a big, sculptural skirt. Not complaining, though.
Fashionomyous, China
We're gonna go out on a limb and say that Zoe Suen is probably the coolest 17-year-old in Hong Kong.
AfterDrk, The Netherlands
If you're into that whole Netherlands minimal vibe, you're going to love AfterDrk. Every outfit is styled to perfection, but never over the top.
Style Heroine, Greece
We get wardrobe jealous pretty easily, but Style Heroine literally makes us say, "Oh my god, can we just be you?" So, yeah, she has really good style. And one pair of Celine shoes that we'd do crazy things for. Crazy things.
The Fashion Through My Eyes, Spain
Like any of our favorite style bloggers, we've got a bad case of wardrobe envy—but in Carla's case it's only worse because we have MAJOR hair envy. It's like she's always in a hair commercial. Perfect.
Wish Wish Wish, United Kingdom
Consider Carrie from Wish Wish Wish the ultimate authority on that quintessential British style. She's quirky and clever but never annoying. We're also dying over her apartment. Add her to your global favorites list, now.