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On taking style inspiration from others: "I'm always looking to people as influences or muses. [But] if you just try to be a copycat of someone and it never looks as well as when you do your own version of it, then you lose the confidence."
On her favorite travel souvenirs: "They're these beautiful, diaphanous printed scarves they hand-make in Varanasi, India. No matter what I'm wearing, I'll throw one on. If I'm wearing a leather jacket, then I will mix scarves—I'll take the more sheer, feminine scarf and then mix it with a Burberry one that has some stripes on it."
On making those jewelry splurges count: "Lorraine Schwartz, who's the most inspiring jewelry designer and a dear friend of mine, said that Elizabeth Taylor taught her that with jewelry, each piece should have a meaning and each piece should tell a story. Whenever I try to buy something for myself, Lorraine actually refuses to sell it to me unless I've accomplished a goal in life! That way, it has meaning."
On building a wardrobe versus decorating a home: "I really believe it's the same thing: you're mixing different textures, different colors, different patterns. You're trying to find antique and vintage pieces and mix them in with modern, new ones."
On childhood trips to the Rose Bowl with her family: "We would get there when they opened, and wait until they closed—and right when they were closing, they'd just want to get rid of everything. So we'd hit the spots that we knew had the best stuff, and whatever was still there they'd sell for a quarter of the price! We were really good bargain shoppers. I would haggle as a kid!"
On the perks of working with Gucci: "When I started working with Gucci, it was such an incredible honor and so humbling when they made me my own custom gowns—having a gown custom-made for you, I mean, that's not really something that you get used to. That's pretty special. And it's so generous that they let me keep them. I would like my daughter to have those one day. Maybe my daughters won't even have a bedroom—it's going to be a gown museum!"
On going to the Met Ball each year: "It's like everything you've ever pictured when you watched Disney movies as a kid. It's so hard to fathom, when you're standing there like, 'What am I doing in the company of these people?!'"
On the trend she'll never wear: "The mod, boxier looks—I love them so much, but it doesn't work. I like a waistline. Whatever your features are, you should celebrate them rather than trying to get rid of them."
On dressing for yourself: "When you think about dressing for other people, you are never going to feel comfortable. You are looking for their judgment the whole time. But if you are dressing for yourself, you feel good about it—and that's what matters."
On her dining-out pet peeve: "I hate going to a restaurant and ordering one meal and only eating that one thing. I like when everything is family style!"
On getting her style industry introduction: "When I met Anna Wintour, she was the most incredible mentor and friend and guided me through the fashion world. I would say, 'I love that designer,' and she would say, 'Let me introduce you—why don't we have lunch with them?'"
On Christian Louboutin: "I've been in the room with a lot of dapper costars and seen the effect they've had on women, but you've never seen more flushed cheeks or racing heartbeats than when CL in is the room. He is Cary Grant and then some."
On working with Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele on her Lucky cover shoot: "I saw that she really knew her stuff, so I thought, I'd really like to step out of my comfort zone with her. She created this YSL look with a Juicy dress and thigh-high boots. That's not something I'd walk down the street wearing, but it worked! And there was this comfy sweater with this cap that I said, 'I can't wear that—I'll look like a stripper!' and she was like 'I love the stripper look—please!' I wish I had the confidence to wear that in my own life."