There's Nothing Superhero-ish About Cate Blanchett's Pastel Cape

I love the the Balenciaga.Edition outfit Cate Blanchett wore to last night's New York premiere of her new movie, Blue Jasmine, because it's daring, dramatic and memorable—although I'd never wear it myself. Lovely as a floor-length T-shirt/cape over a gauzy, floral appliquéd pencil skirt may look, it's just not practical for anything besides the red carpet. And the only time I'm on those I'm unglamorously wedged between several reporters jockeying for a quote, so jeans and sneakers are a better choice.

Still, even if I don't plan on copying the actress' exact head-to-toe look, my closet definitely needs a more subdued version. I've been looking for more practical pastel, embellished and ladylike pieces for my next (semi) formal event all morning—click through the gallery below to see and shop what I'm deciding between now. (And feel free to add a cape to any of them.)

photo credit: WireImage