Seven Clever Ways to Refresh a Closet Full of Chambray

Pick an Unexpected Pairing

Chambray and leather? Chambray and stripes? Odds are you've seen them both...a lot. Try switching in a texture like eyelet instead. It'll nail that perfectly eclectic, print-mixing note in a way that doesn't feel like it was dialed up on demand.
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Digital Fashion Writer

Chambray is great. Everyone loves chambray. Maybe too much, though? Like, it's kind of impossible to hit up a brunch spot without seeing the fabric spun into outfits you could've called before you even walked in the door. A sweet, Taylor Swift-y girl wearing her chambray shift with ballet flats and a ponytail, a more Olivia Palermo one clashing her chambray shirt with a leather skirt and a neon bag: there are archetypes of the chambray-wearing girl, and predictable paths that she'll walk down. Of course, that doesn't make those standby chambray-based outfit any less good, just maybe a little less fresh—which is exactly why we've cooked up some new chambray looks that aren't quite as common. Below, seven ways to hit the refresh button and get excited about chambray (again).