Charlotte Gainsbourg: France's Most Fashion-Forward Style Star Turns 42 Today!

Today marks the 42nd birthday of French actress, singer, and fashion icon Charlotte Gainsbourg. It was no surprise that the daughter of provocative Gallic musician Serge Gainsbourg and super-stylish Brit Jane Birken would grow up to become one of our favorite chic-yet-casual European fashion muses. (Seriously, listen to her parents sing about 1969).

Gainsbourg picks up where her mother left off when it comes to providing retro-classic style inspiration, and today seems the perfect day to celebrate that. Below, we've dissected some of the actress' style signatures--from hair and makeup to her go-to ensembles. Read on!

Effortless Hair

Her sort-of-straight, slightly wavy locks can be copied by blowdrying hair from root to tip in sections. Bangs can be tricky, but we have tips here. Use a frizz serum to tame and shine. We like this one by Kiehl's.