The Craziest Looks From Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week, which started Friday and ends tomorrow, is the biggest party of all the fashion weeks. It's less of a 9 AM and more of a 9 PM thing, less double espresso-sippers studying scowling models and more post-caipirinha people swaying to a poolside DJ. Sorta like what happens when Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl has a fashion show: glitter, neon lights, models that hip pop like sassy music video girls.

It's f-u-n, and the clothes are, too, not just because they're mostly technicolor bikinis but also because of their styling. Beyond some gold jewelry, a tote and a cover-up, they're aren't many things to accessorize a bathing suit with that don't feel ridiculous, but instead of keeping it simple, most designers just embrace that challenge and flip it on its head. There's glorious excess in every detail on the Miami Swim Week runway, from giant pirate hats to men in rompers to 8-inch high hair styles, and it's wonderful. Below, nine of our favorite head-turning looks so far.


Because no pirate hat/eye patch combo is complete without matching arm cuffs, too. Obviously.

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