Dear Lucky: Help Me Find a Denim Top That'll Work With My Curves!

Every day, we get tons of questions from our readers about what to buy and how to wear it. Our Facebook page, Twitter feed and email inboxes are perpetually packed with your queries—and as editors, it's our job to help you navigate these tricky real-life dressing scenarios with ease (and style, of course). Read on for today's inquiry!

Q: I love denim shirts, but the only options I seem to find are button-downs. Curvy women like me (36D, 27-inch waist) have trouble with button-downs. Models can wear them, but there should be options for the rest of us!

You have several options here! For starters, you can seal up gaps between buttons in otherwise well-fitting shirts with a safety pin or strong tape (both Hollywood Fashion Tape and toupee tape—yes, the kind actually used to secure toupees!—work well). Or if there's a particular denim button-down you love, buy it a size or two larger than what you'd normally wear, then have it taken in everywhere but the chest by your tailor. Or make your button-down of choice work as an extra layer by leaving it open over a tee, tank or sleeveless dress in a complementary hue. It's like the more lightweight answer to a denim jacket!

But if you'd rather not need to tape up or take in your shirt, why not opt for a different type of denim top altogether? There are tons of chambray tees and denim blouses on the market that are likely to fit you better than anything with buttons will. Click through to check out some of our favorites!