Designer Showdown: The 10 Princes (and Princesses) of Prints

While neutral basics are arguably the building blocks of any good wardrobe, nothing dazzles us like a super-cool print. Not only does an eye-catching designer pattern have the potential to make a whole outfit—not to mention a street style snapshot—but it's also a great, self-contained piece of fashion history. Prints are inherently linked to the specific season and label from which they came—and not in a "that's so last season" way, but rather in a "I'm so jealous you got your hands on Proenza's tropical florals when you had the chance!" kind of way. Simply put, original patterns are art—and art is always worth the investment, no?

Not all prints, however, are created equal. So we rounded up 10 designers who do patterns better than anyone else. Click through to check them out!