If We Had a Million Dollars, We'd Buy All 15 of These Dream Fall Fashion Finds

Digital Writer

By public school and office standards, summer comes to a close in roughly six weeks (right after Labor Day), followed by its official end in late September (the exact day this year is Sunday the 22, in case you were wondering). But on our favorite luxury websites, it's already fall. Most high-end e-tailers have already gotten their first delivery for next season, and those who haven't are offering pre-order services on the very best pieces.

Of course, it's still way too hot to think about wearing woolen coats, leather pants or heavy boots. And even if it wasn't, we don't have thousands upon thousands of dollars to plunk down on a straight-from-the-runway wardrobe. If we did, though, the first 15 things we'd shell out for are in the slideshow above; click through to see and shop our top 15 dream fall pieces now. (And don't hesitate to order something if you have the cash for it! The one percent is sure to snatch all this stuff up before August's over—because, um, wouldn't you?)