Who Makes The Best Ballet Flats? 13 Lucky Editors Weigh In

"I'm partial to the sidewalk skimmers made by Madewell. Every season they make a slightly new version—I've had polka dotted ones and ones with an ankle strap—but they're always reliably comfortable, hold up well after lots of wear and get me lots of compliments. I think my next pair might be these perforated ones." - Karen Wilson, Senior Digital Producer

Digital Writer

A good pair of ballet flats are basic and timeless; they'll last you for several years. They're comfortable and don't cause blisters; they match every possible outfit. But ballet flats also aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal—because dancer-inspired shoes cut so close to the foot and everyone's feet are shaped differently, finding a version with just the right width, support and arch coverage requires some trial-and-error. To help you find your perfect ballet flats, we've rounded up the top nine brands that our editors swear by, with options ranging from a $32 budget buy to a designer option so exclusive you can't buy it online. But regardless of which choice fits you best, they're all worth shelling out for, since you'll probably be wearing it until, well, you order a second pair.

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