How to Dress Like an Editor in 100-Degree Heat

"When it's so hot outside that I can barely think, there's only thing I want to wear: a tank top. But since wearing a tank and nothing else would probably get me arrested, I go for the next best thing—a tank or slip dress. I stock up on silk and cotton versions every summer, and look for ones that hit somewhere around the knee—maxi lengths tend to get way too warm. Paired with flat leather sandals, they're the perfect foundation for a simple summer outfit. Bonus: should you stumble into someplace with aggressive A/C, they look even better with a little leather or denim jacket layered on top! Easy, breezy, DONE." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

Modal Spandex Cami Tank Dress, $97,
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Contrasting Flat Sandals, $39.99,
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Silk Tie-Waist Dress, $155,; Flat Sandals, $85, Kate Spade Saturday,
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If there's one thing worth mastering before the summer heat hits it stickiest, steamiest high, it's looking good while staying cool. Here's how seven of our editors do it.