How to Dress Like an Editor in 100-Degree Heat

"When it's hot out, I want to wear one layer, and one layer only—which means I head right to the dresses in my closet. That way, I don't have to worry about whether a shirt is tucked in right or whether my skirt is on straight (plus, if we're all sticky and gross, nothing is going to stay in the right place anyway). I pair the look with a pair of flat sandals, because honestly, who wants to walk around in heels (hello, sweaty feet?) when temps are so unbearable? Sam Edelman makes the best ones—I have pairs I've literally worn for three years straight—and these black gladiators go with everything, so you don't even have to give your outfit a second thought." - Alice Chen, Special Sections Assistant

daisy stitch sundress, $138,
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Gilda Sandals, $90, Sam Edelman,
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If there's one thing worth mastering before the summer heat hits it stickiest, steamiest high, it's looking good while staying cool. Here's how seven of our editors do it.