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Perfect for all your seaworthy summer adventures.
Spice up your favorite white dress or classic LBD with this intergalactic geometric statement necklace.
You can never have too many bikinis! Make a statement on the beach this summer with a retro-inspired cut.
Classic and timeless come to mind when we look at this gold and white porcelain necklace.
Perfect for lounging around and recouping from those summer sunburns!
I really need the brooch to have a comeback. And as a Tennesseean by birth, I need this bear!
Earrings—our favorite summer accessory.
Don't forget to add some flair to your phone!
And, of course, some of our favorite vintage stores have amazing geometric pieces!
We love the mix of color and natural wood!
Vintage and geometric—score.
You can never have too many scarves.
These tiny triangles remind us of sweet little buttons—and we must have it!
The hardest part is deciding if we keep all 3 or gift them to our BFFs.
Yes! Just yes. We will take them in every color please.
Fill this pretty pouch with all you summer must-have beauty products and then hit the beach!
This necklace is perfect for transitioning your outfit from day to night!
Ditch your hot metal cuffs this summer and try this abstract one—and don't worry, it's perfect for stacking!
A geometric tote that's made for farmer's and flea markets!
Stackable rings are the best.

Instantly dress up a plain tee with long simple necklace.

Small accent pieces are always great to have on hand.