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I'm a diehard fan of personalized letters. This return label stamp is perfect for the newly engaged or new homeowners. This may not be something you can get months in advance, it's still a quick and easy way to show that you put some extra time and effort into your gift search!
Is your friend going on a great European adventure and you want to send her off with some trinkets she can actually use? Speak no more. This adorable mask will come in handy when the jetleg starts to settle and during the multiple planes, trains and automobiles that she may be on!
Plants are always a great house-warming or new job gift. They are a small way to brighten a space and with so many options, you can customize these gifts really easily! I especially love these mini planters because they have just enough color and yet they still look modern and chic!
With everyone I know getting married and having babies I've learned to stock up on these gifts often. I think most people dread getting baby gifts because they stick to the standard registry-issued sheets, burp cloths and onesies. But I'm here to announce my love of funny baby gifts. I think they are so much more entertaining—and yes, maybe less useful—than traditional options. But my nephew has more items with mustaches on them than any 6 month old should. And best of all, it doesn't matter how old the baby is, one size fits all!
If you're looking for a more traditional baby gift but still want something that stands out, opt for one of these crochet animals! They are super cute and clearly homemade (you know, without you actually having to make it yourself!).
My go-to gift in a pinch is a locket. I love that they are classically beautiful and have a unique vintage feel. I stockpile them all year round.
Candles are always a great gift. Why you ask? Because you can leave them scattered around your apartment, thus giving it a heavenly smell, and just grab one in a pinch for the perfect last minute gift! While I prefer a good, soothing clean smell, Coco and Bubbles has a variety of options, including their "Man Approved" line which features scents like Campfire, Hunting Lodge and Fresh Cut Grass.
When I went to college I got a lot of stuff I never used. But I also scored a really awesome laundry bag that I still love! And let's be real, people always need laundry bags and a nice or pretty one is not something most people want to spend their money on.
Sometimes your friend just needs a little pick-me-up. Maybe she had a rough day at the office or she's fighting with her mom or she finally opened her credit card bill. Either way, getting a sweet little bracelet is a great way to put a smile on her face. My friend used to travel all over the world and would bring me back these adorable cloth bracelets from all the crazy places she visited—and I could only dream of visiting—and I would wear them until they literally fell off my wrist.
My niece recently got her ears pierced and can only wear studs. And as the cool aunt I have made it my job to continually find the coolest studs for her to rock. These are my latest find and they are so great. These earrings allow you to continually mix-and-match the sequins without having to purchase 100 different pairs! I'm obsessed and I recently bought more of these to have on hand for the future!
I've already confessed that I never know what to get my dad so I always buy him shirts—and he's got a soft spot for a graphic tee. So no matter where I am, I'm always keeping an eye out for the perfect shirt to make my dad laugh! I've already got a nice stack collecting in the back of one of my drawers just waiting for Christmas. I loved the above shirt so much that I bought one for myself—and my nephew! Triplets!
Call me a crazy dog lady, but I think our four-legged friends need some love every now and then. I stock up on fun pet treats year round. The pets will love it and their humans will be happy to see how that you thought of their extended family!
New apartments often come with new smells! And they're not always the best. But who wants to spend the money on a nice air freshener when you've just paid movers, your landlord and a broker? Not me! I love this lavender air and linen spray because it's free of any nasty chemicals you might find in your typical store bought freshener. Keep a couple of these hidden away in the back of your closet for the next time your friend moves and you'll be their favorite house guest! Oh—and don't forget to give your closet a quick spray or two, you know, just to test it out!
When I graduated college and fled the South for New York, a dear friend of mine gave me a beautiful journal and told me that I would always be able to remember my grand adventures within these pages. In a way she was right—I use it constantly to write subway instructions or grocery lists. So yes, I do remember where I went and how I got there, but she also instilled in me a love of journals. So I collect them and write a sweet little note for any and all special occasions. They have never failed me!
Vintage coffee mugs are so great. They take up very little space (you can fit them in your carry-on luggage!) and throw in your favorite local coffee or tea and you've got a heartfelt gift! And how can you say no to these adorable French mugs?
Canvas totes are among my favorite gift items to stockpile because the options are endless. Buy a bunch and then simply fill them with some of your favorite things, like a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas (!!!) and flip-flops for a summer birthday. I especially love the one above because it comes with a chocolate chip cookie recipe printed on it! How clever.
A beautiful artisanal soap is great to throw into that canvas tote you've had laying around waiting for the perfect moment.
I'm not sure if people still use pencils, but these are adorable! And totally perfect for someone who is taking the SATs or the newly-employed.
I love collecting stackable rings. Not only for myself but for my friends. I pick a couple up here and there and by the time someone's birthday rolls around you've got a great mix-and-match set of 5 or 6 rings to give them! And seriously, they're like the size of a penny and take up virtually no space, so I just keep them all tucked into a jewelry bag in my makeup drawer. Perfect gift in waiting. Just remember to size up a bit!
If you know your friend or significant other's favorite book, search for a vintage copy. While you could scour flea markets in an attempt to find it, searching Etsy can wield greater return! It's a quick and easy way to show how much you care about someone. And it can always hang out on your bookshelf until needed.