20 Quick and Classic Etsy Gifts Perfect For Any Occasion

Digital Production Assistant

I feel like I'm always in need of a gift. Whether it's a birthday or a housewarming or an engagement—it's always something. And while living in New York would seem like the perfect place to find a last minute present, it isn't always the case. So, I've started stock-piling gifts along the way to be prepared for any occasion!

My niece just got the lead role in her ballet class? I've got a gift for that! My mom just got an unexpected promotion? I've got a gift for that! My best friend just got engaged AND moved into a new apartment? I've got both of those covered!

And while I was at it, I figured I may as well put together a list of gift ideas perfect for any and every future gift-giving situation that may arise!

Click through the slideshow below to shop all 20 Etsy gifts that are perfect almost every occasion.