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We love a statement purse, but sometimes all we want is a beautiful and functional bag that goes with everything.
Even if your summer beach plans involve nothing more than margaritas on a concrete sidwalk, this delicate knot ring is a must-have.
Ampersands are the best.
Choose diamonds. Subtly.
Dress up your favorite cutoffs with this minimalist red leather bracelet.
You can't get just one! Mix-and-match all the amazing colors they have to add some sparkle to your everyday.
Your daily Diet Coke trip never looked so chic.
If sparkly rings aren't your thing, opt for this simple but shimmery necklace.
These rain rings whisper a beautiful statement—and we hope that they're good lucky for showers and cooler weather!
Because we love animal jewelry.
You can never have too many pairs of studs.
Classic and cool.
Rose gold! Everyone should add this copper hue to their jewelry box.
It's official, I don't want these. I NEED them!
Bracelets can be tough to wear in the summer heat, but this one adds a touch of color without the weight.
Every girl deserves some sparkle.
Let's be honest, it's way too hot outside. So next time you get a bit too toasty while waiting for the subway or standing in line at a sample sale, dab your brow with a cute vintage handkerchief. You'll feel oh-so-old Hollywood glam.
These gray studs have just enough shine to catch your eye without stealing all your attention.
Add a dash of color to the mix.
This blue topaz will have you dreaming of ocean breezes and fresh lobster rolls.
Your wrist never looked so pretty!
If you're anything like us, you've got half a dozen lipsticks floating around your purse. Keep them organized and easy to find in this fun pastry theme coin purse.
A hint of geometry with an ounce of color.
Toughen up your look with these earrings that are actually made of concrete!
A cluster ring that goes with everything.