How Eva Chen Convinced Us to Try Neon Green Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips

"The purple's my favorite. It looks really intense, but it goes on really, really sheer with just a touch of color. It's a great balm."

Digital Fashion Writer

Eva Chen's one of the only people who could get me to try lip balm that's tinted the color of green Play-Doh. But she can, not only because she's our editor-in-chief but also because (as her Twitter and Instagram followers know) she's got the kind of style that's fun, but not like, "I just spent $72 at Ricky's and I'm going to a theme party" fun.

She'll wear a high-top sneaker with a pretty Tibi skirt or style a pair of shredded-like-Metallica's-playing jeans with immaculate Jimmy Choo stilettos. She always picks the smartest fun things and wears them in the most clever ways, so I trust her to lead me down the road of technicolor lip balm (which, as it turns out, is both subtle and awesome) and basically anything else she thinks is cool—like these things, which are topping Eva's wish list for fall.