What Our Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen Is Buying Right Now

Smack in the middle of summer is a dangerous time, and not just because of heat or strappy sandal blisters or peel-y sunburns. It's end-of-season sale time—a wonderfully dangerous time, something our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, knows all too well.

"I feel like every five minutes I'm getting a new sale alert," she said when I bugged her for her current shopping list. "Those end of season sales have been pretty amazing, so I've been spending a lot of time combing the leftovers on Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, Forward by Elyse Walker, Yoox and Shopbop."

"I'll buy all sorts of stuff on those online sales: shoes, bags, jeans, dresses. I'm not really worried about sizing because so many sites have great return policies. I love free shipping and free returns; I think whoever invented that should win a MacArthur Genius Grant! Otherwise, I've been shopping in person a lot as impulse, while traveling or on the weekend."

"Or, often I'll go to a store and physically try something on but not be totally sure about it in the moment. So I'll go home and think about it. I might put on Nashville and order something while watching TV. To me, that's the ultimate luxury—shopping at home while watching television." Click through below to see what Eva's been buying while hanging out with Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton, and what's on her list for fall.

Pretty, Longsleeve Floral Dresses

Her most recent purchase? "Last weekend I was at a store called Zoe in Princeton, which is amazing. And even more so because they were having their end of season sale. I bought an Erdem dress that I couldn't wait to break out, so I it wore yesterday." Click through to shop the look.

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