Star-Spangled Street Style to Copy This Fourth of July

Some celebrities (or at least their stylists) are unusually good and pulling together red, white and blue outfits. I mean, I've got a pretty good handle on how to wear the color combo to look appropriately patriotic at a Fourth of July barbecue, but these girls wear it year-round and make it look natural. Which is exactly the stride I'd like to hit this year—less of a Wonder Woman get-up, more of an A-list actress stepping off the plane in Cannes. I want the colors feel like part of the outfit, not the whole entire point, and that's precisely what these girls have done. Click through below to see their looks and shop similiar pieces, too. (What fun would it be without that?)

It's the belt that pushes it from two simple basics into a coordinated outfit territory. (And one with a bit of retro, '40s style charm.) Click through to shop the look.

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street style
street style