How to Style Graphic Text Tees Without Looking Like an Angsty Teen

If you can think of the last time you (unironically) wore a graphic text-printed tee, chances are you were fresh out of gym class at the time–and probably on your way to biology class and basically hating the world, like any normal teenager would. Your shirt also probably said something like "Vote for Pedro" or "Save Ferris." Not your most glamorous look, but there's no denying the comfort of a great tee and a little bit of youthful attitude.

Sadly, as an adult, you've probably retired your classic quote-fronted tees to the pajama drawer rather than the front and center of your office wardrobe. Well, it's time to break them out again (OK, maybe not your "I'm With Stupid" one)! Over the past several seasons, we've spotted texty tees all over runways and street style sites alike—and there's no reason this statement piece can't be part of your wardrobe, too. Click  through to peep four fully-styled looks that are full of teen spirit, but not at all juvenile.

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