How to Borrow From the Boys (And Still Look Like A Lady!)

The Blazer

Actual men's blazers, unlike "boyfriend" styles for women, are always going to be a bit boxy and slouchy on a lady's frame. The secret to making that look good, rather than sloppy, is to balance the oversize fit with neatly tailored pieces beneath. Also: always, always, ALWAYS roll up the arms! Otherwise your outfit—no matter how perfect—will instantly seem stiff and uncomfortable!

Digital Writer

If you want to be that innately cool girl who spontaneously wanders into her boyfriend/husband/father/brother's closet, shrugs on the nearest oversized something and instantly looks like she walked off a Band of Outsiders runway, I get it. I want to be her, too. Unfortunately for us, though, looking pulled together in guy's clothing is rarely that easy because, well, it's intended for guys.

In reality, appearing both effortless and polished in something you stole from the man in your life requires more work than your regular wardrobe demands. To simplify the process for you, I've included the three menswear classics in the slideshow above (a blazer, collared dress shirt and layering tee—all of which can be found in most any dude's closet), along with styling tips and outfit ideas. Click through to master off-the-cuff tomboy style now. (Even if it still takes you over an hour to get ready. No one needs to know but us!)