Seven Ways To Wear Mesh Outside a Locker Room

If you've ever been on receiving end of a dodgeball being whipped or were forced to learn flag football in PE, the idea of mesh might bring up some negative feelings. It stinks of a big smelly box of pinnies; it looks like something your annoying brother might wear while heading to basketball practice. Wearing it is always a last resort, something we girls do because a lady doesn't compete shirts-and-skins style.

I, too, find mesh hard to disentangle from the tragic athletic moments of my past (and oh my, friends, there are many), but the tides of fashion have given me a compelling reason to move on. Thanks to the sports-inspired trend that Isabel Marant started back in 2010 with her jersey-filled Spring/Summer 2011 show, mesh is now no longer exclusive to the playing field. I've spotted it in the hidden side panels of sheath dresses, padded with extra lining to bulk up its floppy shape and with matte, cord-like finishes in place of that standard-issue shininess. To prove just how versatile the hole-filled fabric is, I've gathered seven easy ways to wear it in the slideshow below; click through to get over your bad gym class memories now.

1. Just on the sleeves, so there's no need to layer.

Totally see-through tops require lots of extra effort in the undergarment department. If you can't be bothered, mesh sleeves will give you the same look, sans headache.