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1. Just on the sleeves, so there's no need to layer.
Totally see-through tops require lots of extra effort in the undergarment department. If you can't be bothered, mesh sleeves will give you the same look, sans headache.
2. Inspired by gym shorts, but work-appropriate.
Rather than try to incorporate straight-up Champions in your everyday life, look for a tailored cut in the same kind of fabric. Something with structure will provide the ease and breathability of your workout standby, but will be so much easier to style. Face it: nothing looks good tucked into an elastic waistband.
3. With strategic panels to show off a really cool bra.
If you have some extra cash on your hands, I suggest VLP or Stella McCartney's longline styles. Otherwise, check Free People; it has a gajillion good ones to choose from.
4. To add extra texture—not extra heat.
When you're looking for a way to beef up that standby summer combo of a basic tank top and shorts (or a skirt—or a skort!), reach for a hole-riddled sweatshirt. It's a simple way to make your outfit more interesting without sacrificing comfort.
5. Instead of lace on a fancy party dress.
It's just as formal, but a little less prim, a little less froufrou. Try to mix in accessories with a similar push-pull; Valentino's studded patent leather flats, for instance, would be perfect.
6. Barely peeking out from beneath a pencil skirt.
This is just the tiniest wink to the world of fourth period gym classes, after-school practices and pick-up games, but it makes a major impact. Unless you're wearing the Hope Diamond around your neck, lots of people will instantly make mention of your very cute hem.
7. On your accessories only.
Still scared to wear mesh? Dip your big toe in the kiddie pool with some net-detailed accessories; if need be, you can always remove one midday.