How to Wear This Season's Sheerest Tops

Enveloped in the arctic chill of my office's central air system, I've nearly forgotten that temperatures in New York City have been flirting with the three digit mark all week. Still, despite my momentary relief, in mere hours I'll be back on the steamy streets of Manhattan, heading back to my even steamier 5th floor, AC-free apartment in Brooklyn. It's there that I know (sitting in front of a fan, sucking on ice chips) I'll desperately succumb to ordering the sheerest, most lightweight tops I can find online.

Of course, once my heat-addled shopping spree ends and all my next-to-naked blouses, T-shirts and sweaters arrive, I'll have to find ways to wear everything in a respectable, let's-not-get-arrested way. Fortunately, I've got more than few see-through styling tricks in my arsenal, all of which I've divided by sheer summer shirt type in the slideshow below. Click through for my advice now.

Sheer Blouses

Unless the see-through button-down in question happens to be white or peach, there's no way flesh-colored undergarments will pass for real skin. So don't even try! It will look forced and awkward. It's better just embrace the sheerness with one perfect seamless black bra, which works with every cut and color. Just be sure it's made of smooth fabric before ordering, though, because lace looks lumpy under delicate silk.