Four Simple Ways To Work a Slip Into Your Outfit

Does anyone else feel like shopping for a slip to wear beneath your sheer dresses and skirts is kind of like getting toothpaste for your wardrobe? It's not fun, it's not exciting—but it's totally necessary if you'd like to not gross people out. Every time I do it, the winning undergarment is never interesting to look at (stretchy, nude, seamless, yaaawwn), costs way more than I thought it would (and usually I'm planning to spend that extra money on shoes) and ends up in a forgotten ball at the back of my underwear drawer (which means I wind up buying another, and so the cycle continues). It's for these reasons that I prefer to invest in lingerie that double as clothing.

In truth, flesh-colored shapewear-y styles occupy but a small remote planet in the universe of slips. There are also slinky silk camisoles, lacy chemises and ruffly bottoms that effortlessly work as part of an outfit—instead of just under it. Even better, these options are pretty enough to be the focal point of a look, rather than its "OMG, people can see straight through this!" afterthought. To get you started, I've included my four favorite ways to wear slips in the slideshow below. Click through to (proudly!) show everyone your underwear now.

1. Fake a high-waisted skirt with a cropped sweater.

The key to this option is perfect balance. To strike it just right, remember these two things:

1. Don't wear heels—even if you are extremely petite! This look is supposed to be youthful, fresh and effortless, and anything other than flats will dilute the effect.

2. Pick something in a bright color and/or pattern. Black or lace-trimmed pieces will (like I mentioned before about the pumps) make the outfit seem too racy.